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If The Shoe Still Fits, Repair It!

Let Pack's Soles & Heels bring new life back to your shoes, boots, and other leather goods. As the second generation in this line of work, our family is devoted to providing the absolute best in craftsmanship. Our specialties include repairing shoes, boots and leather goods. We also condition and revive leather jackets. Shoe polishing services are available as well.



We offer full soles and half soles in leather or rubber. Work boot soles are also available.



Let us place new heels on your boots and shoes. We can also shorten your heels for a more comfortable fit.



Need your belts shortened or buckles replaced? Let us help! We can also add additional belt holes.

UGG Boot

UGG Boots »

Cleaning UGG Boots is a tough job! But we can handle it! We can also repair or replace buttons and zippers.

Leather jacket

Jackets »

We condition and revive leather jackets and vests. We can also add patches to either.

Shined shoes


Let us buff away the dullness of your shoes and boots till they shine like new!

Custom leather key chains

Leather Work »

We offer stitching, eyelets, hooks and snaps.


Stretching »

We can stretch the width or the instep of your boots or shoes.

Zipper repair on boots

Zippers »

Need your belts shortened or buckles replaced? Let us help! We can also add additional belt holes.

Let Us Clean Your Designer Handbag

If you own a designer handbag, you want it to look as good as the day you bought it. We can help you achieve that with our cleaning services. We can bring back the original shine of your Louis Vuitton or Coach handbag, effortlessly.

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Did you know

Save Money - Keep Your Old Footwear

Myth: Once old shoes and boots start to look worn it's not worth the money and effort to repair them.

Facts: Shoe repairers can save you money by working wonders on old shoes and restoring them to tip-top shape. Best of all, it's quick, easy, and convenient.

Favorite old shoes are like good friends...comfortable and hard to replace. Think twice before throwing them away. Instead, treat them to the expert craftsmanship of shoe repair.

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